Marketers find our focus on a single, high value capability relevant and refreshing.

At Strategic Communications Group, we consider ourselves proud specialists.  We concept, design, execute and measure well targeted sales enablement programs.  That’s it.

With such a niche focus, we recognize the requirement to partner with a client’s portfolio of consultants and service providers.  There are no sharp elbows or unproductive turf battles when you work with us.

We work collaboratively with public relations firms, advertising agencies, marketing consultants, search engine specialists and Web design shops.  Our campaigns fit within the context of your broader communications program and, as such, we view ourselves as an integral part of your team.

Plus, we bring to your organization relationships and experience working with best in class marketing technology, automation and social media vendors.  We don’t chase today’s app or community with buzz.  Rather, our experience resides with proven companies that offer products that enhance the success of a content rich sales enablement campaign.

Our formal relationships include: